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Improve Your Strength & Stamina

“I have tried all the other systems (P90X, CrossFit, Insanity), Now that I see Greg's training methods and the time he takes to make sure I'm doing things right, I can't imagine training any other way. "

Dave Lawrence - Online Marketer, Hudson

This is Why We Are Awesome!

Get a full biomechanical assessment. Focus or your technique. Resolve injuries forever. Lose weight in ways that are 100% sustainable.


    Professional Level Coaching

    Greg has been a strength and conditioning specialist since 1997. He has coached and trained thousands of athletes and non-athletes to success.


    Overcome Your Obstacles

    Unresolved injuries will reap havoc on your lifestyle. Benefit from Greg's expert level training in injury rehabilitation to not only get pain free but also get back to living a full and active lifestyle again.

This is Why We Are Different!

Greg will take the time to assess how your body is functioning and execute a plan to gain your short term goals without sacrificing your future. We don't get wrapped up in the hype of insane workout programs that will leave you in more pain and kill your ability to stay active, fit and strong for years to come.

Our gym has the most expierienced strength and conditioning coach in the game.

Everyone has their unique set of challenges to overcome. Greg will customize your plan to suit your bodies needs, your personal goals and your schedule.

Learn how to train with perfect technique and get a program that specifically targets your goals and keeps you in balance.

Build your cardiovascular strength. Learn to balance interval training (targeting weight loss and improving performance) and recovery (building a better overall health profile)

Be held accountable to your goals. Learn Greg's simple steps to balance healthy eating which is 100% sustainable long term.


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All of Greg's programs start with a FREE consultation. This is guaranteed not to be a sales pitch. He does not take many clients each year. The FREE consultation will give you a chance to discuss your unique circumstances. Use this time to see if Greg's methods suit your needs.

What Actual Clients Have To Say!

  • "I came in with a disc herniation in my back. Within 3 months I had no pain and was training hard again. Posture is so important when you're training and Greg is a coach who knows how to push you without letting you get away with poor posture."

    Amelia - Real Estate Broker

  • "As a former gymnast, keeping in shape is very important to me. Greg's training sessions pushes me to my limits but we never sacrifice technique. I love the Skilled Body approach! Safe and effective."

    Sarah - Book Keeper

  • "Despite the injuries I have faced from 40 years of living an athletic lifestyle, Greg's manual therapy techniques and strength training really sped up my recovery time and I can honestly say I'm stronger than I was 30 years ago!"

    Barb - Retired